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Plasmacure 23%


Plasmacure is water soluble powder containing Tylosin, which is belonged to the macrolide antibiotics. Tylosin act mainly on gram positive bacteria and mycoplasma, Tylosin Produce its bacteriostatic action by inhibition of protein synthesis through binding to the 50s ribosomal subunit. Tylosin is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and reach its maximum concentration in the blood after 1-2 hrs in the chicken.


 Each one gram contain…………………………………………250 mg Tylosin tartrate. Eq. to 231.07 mg Tylosin base.


Broiler Chicken: For treatment of CRD and air sacculitis caused by mycoplasma spp. Calves: For treatment of pneumonia caused by mycoplasma and Pasteurella spp.

Dosage & Route of administration:

Route of administration: orally via drinking water For whole product: Broiler chickens: 2.16 gm Plasmacure / liter of drinking water for 2-5 days. Calves: 4.3 gm Plasmacure / liter of drinking water or milk in case of suckling calves. Twice per day for 5-7 days.

Warning& Precaution:

Don’t administer in layers producing eggs for human consumption. Don’t administer together with bactericidal antibiotics Medicated water should be the sole source of drinking water.

Target spaecies:

Broiler chickens – Calves.

Withdrawal time:

Broiler chicken: Meat: 2 days. Calves: meat 14 days.

Contra – Indication:

Don’t use in animal with liver dysfunction. Simultaneous use or less one week past vaccination with Tylosin sensitive live vaccines. Tylosin resistance or cross resistance to other macrolide antibiotics.

Side Effects:

No details in broiler chickens.