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Spectino 30%


Spectanopharma: is water soluble powder contains Spectinomycin as (dihydrochloride pentahydrate).

which belonged to aminocyclitol antibiotic

Spectinomycin has bacteriostatic action and act by inhibiting the bacterial protein synthesis by binding to 30 s ribosomal subunit.

Spectinomycin is absorbed after oral administration.

Spectinomycin has limited activity against gram (+ve) and some gram negative gram (-ve) bacteria, such as

– Salmonella spp.
– Escherichia coli
– Pasteurella multocida

Also it has some activity against Mycoplasma.


Each one gram contains:

Spectinomycin dihydrochloride pentahydrate………………….745.22 mg Spectinomycin base 500 mg

Target species:

Broiler Chickens and Turkeys.


Broiler Chickens and Turkeys:

Spectino: used for treatment of Salmonellosis that caused by Salmonella spp.

Spectino: used for treatment of Colibacillosis caused by Escherichia coli spp.

Spectino: used for treatment of CRD that caused by mycoplasma spp.

Dosage & Route of administration:

Route of administration: Orally via drinking water.


For active ingredient:

Broiler Chickens and Turkeys

52.5mg-55.0mg Spectinomycin/ kg of body weight for 2-5 days.

525 mg-550 mg Spectinomycin/ liter of drinking water.  For 2-5 days.


For whole product:

Broiler Chickens and Turkeys

1 gm Spectanopharma / 1 liter of drinking water. For 3-5 days.

Warning& Precaution:

Not used in animals known hypersensitive to the active ingredient.

Don’t use in chickens producing egg for human consumption.

Contra – Indication:

Don’t administer together with aminoglycosides antibiotics.

Side Effects:

It can cause fever, diarrhea and a slight rash accompanied by itching.

Withdrawal time:

Meat: 5 days.


Stored at temperature not exceed 30 C˚.