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Thiamphenicol is semi synthetic structural analog of chloramphenicol, has abroad spectrum of activity with bacteriostatic effect.

Thiamphenicol produces its action by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis at the level of 50s ribosomal subunit.

The following microorganisms are very sensitive to thiamphenicol:

Streptococcus, Pasteurella, Shigella, Brucella, Pseudomonas and Erysipelothrix.


Each one ml contains:  Thiamphenicol 250 mg.

Target species:

Aprapharma: is indicated for use in calves, pigs and chickens.


Broiler chickens:

Treatment of bacterial diseases of the respiratory such as:

  • Treatment of Secondary Bacterial Invador’s associated with CRD
  • Avian coryza caused by Haemophilus paragallinarum.

Treatment of bacterial diseases of the intestinal tracts such as:

  • “Mushy chick” disease caused by Pseudomonas
Dosage & Route of administration:

Route of administration: orally in drinking water.

For whole product:

Broiler chickens:

1.6 — 2 ml THIAFEN / liter of drinking water. up to 5 days.          

Warning& Precaution:
  1. Use of the product deviating from instructions given in the insert leaflet can increase the bacterial resistant to thiamphenicol and decrease the effectiveness of treatment with other derivatives of chloramphenicol due to cross-resistance
  2. Medicated water should be consumed within 12 hrs.
Contra – Indication:
  • Not used for layers producing eggs for human consumption.
  • Should not be administered concurrently with other antibacterial agents that bind to the 50s ribosomal subunit (e.g., the Macrolides and Lincosamides).
  • Not used in animal with known hyper sensitivity to the active ingredient.
Side Effects:
  • Rarely may it be associated with transient diarrhea, so the treatment should be discontinued immediately in this case. 
Withdrawal time:

Meat: 4 days.


Stored at temperature not exceed 30 C˚.