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About Us


Royal link Pharma is a specialty healthcare company develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes quality branded Pharmaceutical and generic products as well as Nutraceutical Products which are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. Royal link Pharma also has its own manufacture site with production capabilities for a wide variety of product types which give an advantage to maintain and control quality of our portfolio.


Good health is vital for all of us so we at Royal Link Pharma strive towards improving the lives of people through high quality and cost effective products.


Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Diversity and Commitment to our stakeholders are our main values in Royal Link Pharma which we focus on them in our day-to-day work.

We believe that, supporting the healthcare professionals by providing them up-to-date knowledge and best choice of medicine will ultimately help to improve the health of patients.

This is our goal and vision to deliver unmatched value to our customers in the healthcare profession. At Royal link Pharma, we always have focus to Broaden on innovation grounds, Execute on customer-focused portfolio investments, Capitalize on emerging markets opportunities, Develop highly skilled team and create a culturally rich environment at the company.


At Royal Link Pharma we believe that our most important responsibility to society is in helping patients and healthcare professionals through our core business. We are working and feel responsible for improving the lives of individuals and collectively the society we are living in.

Royal link Pharma establish the standard, code of conduct, market ethics and general guidelines for each action which need to be taken on behalf of Royal link Pharma. In addition to that, Royal link Pharma strictly follows environment protection policy.

It is not only applicable internally but also applicable on our suppliers as one of the main criteria to become a qualified vendor of Royal link Pharma.

Quality Policy

Royal link Pharma is committed to manufacture and release safe, effective and high quality Pharmaceutical products and services with highest quality standards through continual improvement that comply with applicable regulations and standards that meet identity, strength, quality, purity, safety and performance requirements”.

Royal link PHARMA QUALITY MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Quality management system and its implementation is our foremost concern. We believe in building the quality right from the selection of candidates, machinery, selection of vendors and selection of raw materials. All materials including active, inactive, excipients or packaging materials throughout the whole manufacturing process are chosen as best quality.

Our quality management policy and its implementation are strongly backed by our highly skilled teams. We have developed continuous training programs, not only to update experienced teams but also to train newly integrated teams. Quality Assurance Department Royal link Pharma has state of the art production facility and all our finished formulations are manufactured to comply with international requirements with validated systems and checks in place in compliance with international standards. We have a very well defined quality assurance system, very well documented and operated & handled by highly skilled Professional team at Royal link Pharma. We are eager to achieve the highest standards of quality by inculcating quality culture at Royal link Pharma and commit ourselves to the highest standards in our products and services. We believe in sustainability and continuity, our teams are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our products which we proudly offer to our customers.

Corporate Governance 

Building on our values, Royal Link Pharma embraces the principles of good corporate governance, implemented through strong operating structure which actually represents the next step to strengthen our brand, enhance the value of our consumer and to create most efficient production & Supply system to deliver value to patients.

Working under such highly efficient environment, in a very short time we were able to make new partnerships with key customers, entering into co-promotion agreements and investing in new technologies to add value to our core product offerings. Executives Board: Consists of board members and the most senior directors. This is a decision making body.

Board members normally focus on major financial, strategic and operational decisions for the company. All technical and financial decisions are taken on the basis of company growth strategy and recommendations from the Board Committees.

Science & Technology Committee: The committee assists the Executives Board on scientific matters, including major internal projects, interaction with other outside organizations and assist Executives Board to stay abreast of new developments and new technologies and anticipate emerging concepts and trends in pharmaceutical research and development to help assure the company makes well-informed choices in committing its scientific resources.

The committee shall also advise the board on scientific matters involving the safety and effectiveness of the company’s marketed products and shall assist the board in exercising reasonable oversight of product safety and medical risk management.

Finance Committee: The finance committee assists the Executive Board with selected financial policies, plans, estimated budgets, and transactions and shall review and counsel the matters of balance sheet management and financial strategy to give a clear reports about the financial position of the company and recommended procedures and regulations either internal or external to enhance and maximize the profit with respect of the strategic plans.

Regulatory and Compliance Committee: The Committee shall assist the Executives Board with the oversight of significant healthcare related regulatory and compliance issues to be matching with the local and international regulations including the products information, promotional materials and all other regulations related to safety claims and efficacy claims.