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Royaltylocure is an oral solution containing Tylosin, which is a macrolide antibiotic produced by a strain of Streptomyces fradiae. It exerts its antimicrobial effect by inhibiting protein synthesis of susceptible micro-organisms.

The tylosin spectrum of activity includes amongst others Gram-positive bacteria, some Gram – negative strains such as Pasteurella, and Mycoplasma spp.


Each one ml contains:……………………………………… 216 mg Tylosin tartrate.

Eq. to Tylosin 200 mg

Target species:

Boiler chickens.


Broiler ChickensTreatment and prevention of chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum and Mycoplasma synoviae when the disease has been established in the flock.

Dosage & Route of administration:

Route of administration: orally via drinking water.

For active ingredient:

Broiler chickens: 25 mg Tylosin / kg body weight. For 3-5 days.    

For whole product:

Broiler chickens: 12.5 ml Tylosol for each 100 kg of body weight for 3-5 days.

Warning& Precaution:

Not used in hens producing eggs for human consumption.

Not mixed with solid feed.

Contra – Indication:

Not reported

Side Effects:

Not reported

Withdrawal time:

Broiler chicken: 1 day


Stored at temperature not exceed 30 C˚.